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European Projects - 06/06/2013

We have just completed an on-going project in Poland where we have been installing the pipework for a large compost recycling facility.  The team have worked onsite alongside the customer, suppliers and other contractors.  In completion of this project the client has awarded us another contract to carry out works in France for a similar compost recycling facility.  Our team are now onsite in France on a 8 week turn around to complete the project!

Northsound have just completed the installation of a large scale platform and a stainless steel mixer which was 10,000 litres. Also on this project we installed a variety of pipe work including double containment pipe for chemical lines.

We are now at the testing stage of two large screw conveyors. Fabricated from scratch Northsound have seen this project from raw material to finish, fitting motors, shafts, bearing etc. The shells of the conveyors are 400mm diameter and approximately 4 meters in length.

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August 04, 2020
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